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How to Create WordPress Plugin

You know that plugins are an essential part of creating beautiful websites. Very important role plugin in WordPress. Learn how to make a WordPress plugin.

How to Create WordPress Plugin

You are a very special guest to know how to create a Wordpress plugin. This is the right post to create WordPress Plugin.
Create WordPress Plugin
Create WordPress Plugin

Are you starting a blog in 2019? After deciding the blog, an important question comes, what is the best blogging platform I should use? stores your site's content on their servers for free. However, this implies that users get a limited version of the WordPress software.

Nevertheless, this hobby is a good option for bloggers who do not want to make money. This is also a great option for those who intend to update a self-hosted WordPress blog in the future.


  • No set-up cost.
  • easy to use; No coding or design knowledge is required.
  • Hundreds of designs to choose from.


  • Functionality is bound until you purchase the upgrade.
  • It appears less professional.
  • You are not technically the pages/posts site, so you have little control over ad revenue. Furthermore, it means that WordPress can suspend your site anytime.
  • Your site includes.WordPress in the site.

WordPress Even I created this blog through WordPress

Next, when it comes to hosting for your website, hosting is the service that your blog gets online.

In other words, hosting is the storage where all your images, posts and files are stored.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right hosting provider and this is why I highly recommend using Bluehost.

BlueHost has been working since 2003 and is a platform providing honest services.

Also, buying hosting  for Bluehost is a matter of a few clicks.

Bluehost takes very little money with a 30-day money-back guarantee after the date of your purchase. Also, get a special discount from the advertisement below or by shopping with this magic link.

There are 4 hosting plans to choose from. If you are not expecting a lot of traffic or you do not have enough money then you can opt for the "Choice Plus" plan

You can upgrade to any plan later as you wish.

But I recommend choosing "Pro Plan". It provides domain privacy for free and performs well overall.

After choosing your hosting

You'll need to put your preferred domain name (your blog name) in the "Create a new domain" section,

Your domain will be set by .com. For example, if your domain name is a demo. Your blog name will be

Your domain name is the address of your website. Like my Website

But if you want to add another extension (like .net, .org) instead of .com. You can do this by selecting the extension from the right side of the domain box.

What is a WordPress plugin?

The WordPress plugin is actually a single file or set of files that enhance or enhance the functionality of a WordPress site.
Create WordPress Plugin
Create WordPress Plugin

Without the use of plugins, WordPress is a bit more like a blogging platform. For example, with the use of e-commerce plugins, we can build e-commerce sites within WordPress.

Using the membership plugin, a membership-based site can be built on WordPress.

How to WordPress plugins work?

An important concept for understanding WordPress plugins is the WordPress hook

e.g. Actions and Filters. Hook allows our plugins to run specific functionality within the WordPress function at specific times.

Create Plugin in WordPress

Suppose you are running your websites on WordPress and running with a special requirement that is not inherent in WordPress by default.

 So, you see a problem there and start thinking to solve it and come up with a solution in the shape of a WordPress plugin.

While building Analytics, I found that there is no plugin for WordPress that shows Google Analytics at the bottom of the pages/posts in WordPress. 

Today, I will tell you how you can build a simple version of the analytics plugin, where you will bring the browsers of the top 10 countries, cities and your WordPress blog visitors. This will help you to create WordPress Plugins in the future.

All new WordPress blogs have trouble with default things. You must remove the following:

Unnecessary plugins: remove every useless plugin from the Plugins tab. Some default plugins will install automatically, and if you don't see any existing plugins, you've passed it.

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